David and Tina Lippiatt founded WE International in 2007 to create effective and sustainable solutions for people affected by poverty and injustice in developing countries around the world.

Their work has taken them to Uganda, Algeria, Tanzania, the Philippines and beyond. They have witnessed how the 1970’s Khmer Rouge genocide still affects communities in Southeast Asia today. They have listened as women, men, and children told of the horrors of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. They have supported projects to get vital services in place for women affected by human trafficking in Uganda.

As founding directors of WE International, David and Tina believe much more can be done on the front end to fight global poverty and heal the ravages of injustice and violence. As a result, WE International takes a relational approach to transforming lives—providing dignity, strengthening human connections, and empowering communities.

The “WE” in our name is an inclusive word and refers to all of us working together to make a difference. In the Bantu language, spoken in southern Africa, there is the word “Ubuntu.” Translated, it speaks to an idea present in African spirituality that says, “I am, because we are.” That is, we are all connected—we cannot be ourselves without community, health, faith, and lifetimes lived out among others.

That’s why WE International chose this inclusive and emphatic word with purpose. We may not be able to change the whole world, but we can change one person's
 world...and then another, and another.  When you see our title, you’ll know that we believe this truth: WE are connected, WE can bring change, WE can bring hope, and together, WE can make a difference!

Areas of Influence

Savings Program

Our savings program is a part of our WE Empower micro-finance program and is open to anyone in our established communities. It is a mandatory precursor to an individual applying for a micro-loan. Through our savings program, individuals learn practical and foundational ways to save money which will be beneficial for any future business.


You can help an individual start their own business through our WE Empower micro-finance program. We identify men and women whom we are able to give small loans, or "micro-loans" to, which are then used to create businesses like a small restaurant, fishing, livestock, and handicraft businesses. 

Women At Risk

While we do not discriminate on who can receive our micro-loans through our WE Empower program, our niche is to help "women at risk," or women who are exposed to poverty and/or injustice. This gives them the opportunity to start their own business and create more revenue independently.